Article 85 regulatory approval from the BDCA – SG becomes the first ferry flight operation globally to receive!


Team welcomes new era in cost effective but safe ferry operations.

SG Aviation Services are delighted to announce that after months of planning and preparation they have now successfully passed audit with the Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation in compliance with Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2007 Article 85 and ICAO Annex 6 Part 2. The Article 85 Approval marks the end of a comprehensive systems and processes review that SG has undertaken in the past 6 months.

SG has successfully demonstrated compliance with Overseas Territories Aviation Regulations (OTAR) 91 and 125.  SG are now the only ferry services provider world-wide with the regulatory approval to carry out aircraft deliveries and movements.  Compliance with the OTAR regulations includes Operations Manual submission and review including a full Safety Management System, Fatigue Management Scheme and Emergency Response Plan.

John Barry, Managing Director of SG has stated: “I am delighted that the considerable efforts of the full team have now come to fruition and it is a great achievement for all involved – we look forward to continuing to add to our program and are excited to lead the way for ferry flight operators to become compliant and to raise the bar with standards and processes”.

Peter Adhemar, Head of Operations at the BDCA said: “SG Aviation Services are to be congratulated on their achievement, which is a product of the Department’s pro-active approach to safety through our Safety Oversight Management System.  This approval ensures that there are no known regulatory “grey areas” within their scope of work.”