Consultancy Services


Sigma Aviation Services consultancy has drawn together a strong team of senior international aviation professionals to deliver a wide range of services on behalf of our clients.

Areas covered include: Technical Safety Audits, Aircraft Delivery / Redelivery Audit Assessments, Airline Organisational & Safety Audits, Aircraft Asset Management, Airline and MRO Management Reviews, Specialist Screening and Selection and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Sigma is now offering its innovative and highly successful Team Resource Management course to non-aviation professionals in industries such as banking, insurance and finance. To learn more please navigate to the TRM section for more of ferry pilots who specialise in this kind of work.


Provision of Aviation Quality Auditor Training which includes the following disciplines:

- Auditing Techniques for Flight and Ground Operations
- Auditing Techniques in a Maintenance Environment
- Quality Management Training Courses
- Provision of Safety Management Systems training.

Multi Crew Co-Ordination (MCC) training and consultancy:

- Simulator Assessment for MCC suitability.
- Design of bespoke (operator specific)
- - MCC courses (Simulator Specific and Ground School).
MCC instructor training/mentoring and de-briefing.

Aviation Crew Resource Management and Human Factors Training

- Design and delivery of CRM training courses for Aviation, Airport Operators & Fire and Rescue Crews.
- Training and Assessment of instructors within the CRM framework.
- Techniques for the assessment of the NOTECH (Non -Technical) skills of aviation crews.


  • Selection Services including analysis, selection design and evaluation &¬†assistance for airlines in developing tools and capabilities. Interpretation of airline selection needs.
  • Competency identification for ab initio screening with interview and selection development based on a competency profile.
  • Assessment centres available to pilots and aviation professionals to independently evaluate suitability for employment opportunities and gain constructive feedback from industry professionals at a senior level.
  • Training Solutions to include development of tools and standards in addition to enabling client to build a training blueprint. Expertise in gap analysis and gap training.


  • Network optimisation.
  • Advice on fleet and network strategies whether for start-up, expansion or cost saving.
  • Forecasting for new routes.
  • Schedule and network auditing.


  • Assistance in the establishment of airline operations particularly in the preparation of an application for the grant of an Aircraft Operator Certificate.
  • Assistance in relation to route access.
  • Assistance bringing an existing airline operation into line with the detailed requirements of EU-OPS.
  • Conduct of operational audits for airlines, including national carriers.
  • Legal advice on all operational or jurisdictional queries within the aviation sphere.