About Us

Sigma Aviation Services launched in 2004 providing a broad range of services including flight crew leasing, permanent job placement, crewing for ferry flights and full turnkey solutions for aircraft movements. Offering a broad range of services, now including maintenance recruitment and a full suite of consultancy services in areas such as training & selection and commercial & network strategy.


Sigma Aviation Services understands that our candidates are seeking a rewarding career that not only challenges and motivates you but offers financial reward and personal stability.

Through Sigma Aviation Services our candidates will find that not only do we offer a wide variety of opportunities across many of the speciality sectors in aviation but a dedicated team that understands the level of support and assistance that can be necessary to help you along the way... allowing you focus on the job at hand.

Sigma Aviation Services have put together a comprehensive support and benefits package for our candidates that includes:

  • Our years of experience ensuring you reliability and reassurance in dealing with an agency that understands your needs and requirements throughout the entire process
  • Detailed briefing information with regards to assignments on offer, helping our candidates make the most informed decision on their next career move…
  • Individual consultant support throughout the entire application process, so that our candidates are always fully informed, updated and ready for the next steps….
  • Short and long term contracting opportunities, providing variety to our candidates depending on personal needs and preferences
  • World-wide Medical Insurance (inc USA/Canada) providing peace of mind to our contractors on assignment through Sigma Aviation Services
  • 24-7 support to our contractors on assignment, in case of any emergencies dedicated account managers and/or local representatives will be available to support and assist
  • Timely monthly payments into our contractors’ chosen bank, with no hidden bank charges.

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Candidate Testimonials

  • Captain Lincoln Pegg

    Turkish Airlines

    “I have used Sigma's services for work placement on a few occasions now and have found them very efficient. Fine details with contracts abroad are very important, Sigma let you know exactly what you are signing up for. I know that the staff there have worked their hardest to get me back to work from the first contact, I trust them to keep my best interests at heart.”

  • Captain Javier Garcia de la Calera

    Skywest Airlines

    “Sigma really changed my and my family's life - I totally recommend their personal and direct treatment. Since the first contact I had with them, they showed total professionalism and dedication. Look no further for a perfect, professional pilot treatment.”

  • TRE Richard Leonard

    Air India Express

    "Whenever I had a problem with the company I was contracted to I would contact Sigma immediately and they would respond to the situation and always do their best to intervene between the company and myself as the contractor. Things might not always work out as planned on assignment but Sigma has always been honest with me and responded to any problems I had. I would never hesitate in using Sigma as my Agent when looking for a Pilot position.”

  • Captain Pablo Moscardo

    Air India Express

    "Sigma were kind - in every moment notifying me, in sufficient time, where and when screening was going to be. The first time I was to be positioned to base, Sigma scheduled me on time, giving me all the information about where and when I had to be. During simulator training in Mumbai, a representative of Sigma travelled to see how our contract and adaptation to a new airline was developing….. I have no doubts in recommending them to colleagues who are looking for a job."

  • Captain Per Lilja

    Sigma Aviation Services Ferry Flight Pilot

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Sigma on several occasions since 2008. The relationship has always been positive, straight forward and professional. The pre-assignment crew briefings have been accurate and timely, giving us crewmembers a precise picture of what to expect on the assignment. On occasions where visas and/ or validations have been required, Sigma has always provided support and all necessary forms resulting in the official documentation arriving well in advance of the assignment. Travel arrangements, accommodation, flight planning, chart services etc have been provided to me and the other crewmember in a timely manner enabling us to concentrate on the task at hand without any surprises. If support has been required while on site, it has been provided effectively at all times. Sigma runs a very professional operation and I would highly recommend its services."