Aircraft Delivery Services


Sigma Aviation Services specialise in moving aircraft worldwide; providing our many customers with a professional and reliable ferry flight service. We are the preferred supplier to airlines and aircraft leasing companies around the globe with an excellent track record.

Our services are tailored to the varied requirements of each client, from a full turnkey solution to a crew only request. Sigma Aviation Services can assist you in any country, on any aircraft type, on any registration, in any jurisdiction. We provide experienced and reliable crews with JAA, FAA or ICAO licenses as required. We also maintain an active pool of Bermuda validated crew on major aircraft types.

Uniquely among Ferry Flight providers, we have a truly extensive database of qualified experienced flight crew across a broad range of aircraft types who are all current with valid proficiency checks, licence, medical and significant experience on type. For major aircraft types we have a dedicated team of ferry pilots who specialise in this kind of work.


All services are provided by our in-house team of experienced Flight Planning and Project Scheduling Managers.

Our optimum planning techniques along with our billing transparency make Sigma the quality, cost-effective solution. We look forward to working with you on your next project.
  • Delivery, Demonstration, Observer and Maintenance Flights
  • Provision of flight crew Provision of technical crew
  • Provision of fuel
  • Ground handling
  • Flight planning and trip kits
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • Payment of landing, navigation and airport fees
  • RVSM Approval
  • EU-ETS Tracking

What We Do

While each and every project is unique there is a normal flow of events with the majority of ferry flights. To understand the various elements involved in the completion of a standard ferry project please see the below chart which outlines the key steps.