Aircraft Delivery Services


Operating since 2004, Sigma Aviation Services specialise in aircraft delivery movements worldwide with a variety of services that adapt to each of our client’s need.


We are the preferred supplier to airlines, aircraft leasing companies and aircraft manufactures around the globe with an excellent track record.


We are able to offer from a full planning solution to technical representative or crew only.


Our extensive pilot pool is full of reliable and experienced crew with EASA/FAA/ICAO licenses or validations as required. Uniquely among other providers, we dispose of an excellent global regional access to pilots in-country which gives us more efficient and cost effective movement solutions even with border restrictions.


Our client’s requirements are well taken care of by our experienced Project Managers round the clock 24/7/365. Our optimum planning techniques along with our billing transparency make us an highcost-effective solution of:


Delivery, Demonstration, Maintenance and Observer flights.
Provision of crew
Provision of Tech rep.
Provision of fuel
Handling support coordination
Route Planning
Trip kits
RVSM approval.
Departure, overflight and arrival permits
Parking slots
Part M Services (partner company Sum Aviation Group)
Part145 Maintenance Planning (partner company Sum Aviation Group)
Part21 Services (partner company Sum Aviation Group)


Aircraft Delivery Services:

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